What makes an ICAA champion?


Passion and commitment are key attributes of ICAA champions. These individuals  are passionate about changing perceptions of aging and committed to serving as role models for their peers, as well as inspiring people of all ages. In short, they are engaged in life, participating as fully as possible, regardless of health conditions or other challenges.


When selecting champions, ICAA doesn't just look members and customers of members who are super achievers. ICAA also consider the individual in a wheelchair who works in a community garden; the person who rarely leaves his or her home, but stays engaged and connected with others through technology; or the person who expresses him- or herself through drawing, painting, or playing an instrument.


There is a place in the ICAA Champions program for people willing to communicate with others in person or through various media. ICAA embraces diversity as the best way to demonstrate the full spectrum of active aging.

ICAA Champions expectations

ICAA champions share common goals of informing and inspiring their peers and individuals of all ages to live life to the fullest, regardless of health conditions or other circumstances that society might consider impediments to active aging.

Reporting results

ICAA will track the campaigns impact by having champions report on their activities on ICAA Champions online profile page (to launch August 1, 2011). Doing so will enable ICAA and ICAA Champions to fulfill their goals and help strengthen our mutual commitment to the ICAA Champions program.


Click here to become an ICAA Champion, or call ICAA at 866-335-9777 (toll-free) or 604-734-4466.