Rebranding Aging Toolkit


Fact: The majority of adults over age 55 feel that advertising does not reflect their current lifestyle, and they are turned off by marketing messages targeted to them.


The ICAA's Changing the Way We Age® Campaign provides media and marketers with the tools they need to reach an older population. The following tools for rebranding aging can be used to help integrate positive, reality-based images of older people into the media, just as we now see more realistic portrayals of individuals of color and women. These groups were also devalued and misrepresented in the past. They addressed this situation by challenging the lack of knowledge that contributed to stereotyping, among other ways.


Toolkit components

  • Communications guidelines that more effectively reach people 50 years and older. These guidelines will encourage the media and marketers to provide a more realistic and complete picture of what it means to become and be old in North America.

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  • A clearinghouse for:
  • Presentations, best practices and research to show business leaders, associations and organizations that many older adults lead full lives. This reality has significant implications for a company’s bottom line and how it markets products and services to this population.

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Rebranding aging tools will roll out over time.