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Group aims to 'rebrand' aging by focusing on contributions to society - The Canadian Press

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Changing perceptions of aging- Stouffville Free Press
Let’s not replace one stereotype with another -Edmonton Journal

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How elderly people are guzzling energy drinks to try to keep up with the younger generation- Daily Mail

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Jane Fonda wants you to feel the burn ? again - WQAD
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ICAA warns consumers to be aware of "graywashing" - Merced Times

Exercise For the Ages: Ready to get moving again? - Gettysburg Times

There desire will reshape an industry - Orange Country Register

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'Energy Shots' Find New Market in Seniors - Wall Street Journal

Million turning 50 reshape 'active aging' market - The Derrick

ICAA Warns of Gray Washing - Club Insider

Perhaps they can be the Golden Years - The Lethbridge Herald

You’re not old, just experienced: Group aims to ‘rebrand’ aging - Healthzone


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ICAA challenges marketers: "Do you have what it takes to reach the 50+ consumer?" -

Get your style guide for your mature donor -



Is 'Brain Training' Worth Your Cash? - Smart Money
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Neil Knox - Active Aging Champion
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Tackling graywashing: what drives it, how to recognize and avoid it - Journal on Active Aging (pdf)

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ICAA Joins National Go4Life
ICAA’s communications guidelines show how to more effectively reach and portray people 50 years and older- Inclusive Fitness Coalition

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