Campaign webcast launch on May 9 in Washington, D.C.




Click here to listen to the live webcast.


A ground-breaking movement aimed at shifting society’s perceptions of aging and countering aging stereotypes launched on Monday, May 9 in the Washington, D.C. area. The “Changing the Way We Age® Campaign” is spearheaded by ICAA, led by CEO Colin Milner with support from fitness expert Kathy Smith, who will serve as a spokesperson for the movement.


The live webcast lasted an hour and took place the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland.




Henry Lodge, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine, Columbia University, and co-author of Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year for Women. Lodge will present the science behind positive aging and the benefits of maximizing older adults’ “untapped potential.”


ICAA CEO Colin Milner provided details on the Rebranding Aging movement and its implications for media, marketers, families and individuals throughout North America.


Fitness expert Kathy Smith introduce the ICAA Champions program and explain how organizations and their older-adult customers can participate in the endeavor.


ICAA Champion Neil Knox talked about why he decided to get involved and his expectations of the program.


ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign offers you an opportunity to make a lasting difference by encouraging this new vision of aging in society. Get involved! Call ICAA today at 866-335-9777 (toll-free) or 604-734-4466, or send a message to me at the email address below. By doing so, you will contribute to creating a society that recognizes, respects and responds to the rich potential of our older population.