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Organizational opportunities


To shift society’s perceptions of aging, ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign is taking action to overturn stereotypes and encourage more positive, realistic views of aging. This campaign offers your organization opportunities to make a lasting difference by encouraging a new vision of aging in society.

By being part of the solution to negative views that limit people in later life, you can help create a society that recognizes, respects and responds to the rich potential of population aging.


Campaign partner


ICAA is offering three levels of partnership participation for organizations committed to assuming a prominent role in ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign:

Organizational champion


An ICAA Champion’s role is to inform the media, businesses, families and individuals about the untapped human potential associated with aging, and help them understand that tapping into this potential could help us address society’s challenges and opportunities.


Organizational champions organize health fairs and other community events to educate and inform people of all ages about the positive aspects of aging. They may also visit or host school groups. Organizational champions may participate in the campaign as an organization and/or select individual champions from among their staff and customers.


Campaign partners may also serve as organizational champions, thereby expanding their leadership position in the campaign.


Support for partners and champions


ICAA has created and will manage this website specifically to provide campaign partners and champions with campaign updates, as well as Web-based tools to assist in developing and promoting campaign-related events. This website also features a dedicated section for profiles of both partners and ICAA champions.


ICAA has also developed a social media strategy to support the campaign and provide added visibility for partners and champions. This includes a campaign page on Facebook [link], and eventually will include a YouTube channel and Twitter capabilities.


ICAA has also created a “rebranding aging” toolkit aimed at media and marketers. Organizational partners and champions are encouraged to employ and distribute the campaign’s communication guidelines and contribute guidelines and resources for use by the media and industry. Targeted presentations to assist in educating businesses will be posted over time.


ICAA has launched an ongoing public relations campaign that highlights the human potential of an aging population and the opportunities it represents for society—for example, volunteerism, intergenerational and peer education, new ideas and businesses.


Partners and organizational champions that require additional support for specific projects, please email or call ICAA at 866-335-9777 (toll-free) or 604-734-4466.